Blue Jay Systems, a consulting firm and software developer located in Pennsylvania, was founded in 1982 to provide technical assistance and consulting services to community banks located in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

During the past 20 years our strategic focus on community banks has not changed, but our geographic area has greatly expanded. We now serve community banks throughout the United States and Caribbean.

Blue Jay Systems has developed a comprehensive suite of back office systems designed to be “best in class”. Our systems interface to most core application host systems including Banker II, Core Director, ITI, Kirchman Systems, Metavante and others.

If you have concerns that your bank may not be getting maximum value on your IT investment, or may have efficiency issues in your back office or IT department, contact us.

If you need an objective, unbiased evaluation of core processing options, imaging systems, optical disk systems, teller systems, or other bank software systems, contact us. We have the professionalism, experience and objectivity that you are looking for to improve your bottom line.

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